• edited pics-2648Do you have classes for 2 year olds? Yes, our Tiny Tots class is for dancers as young as 15 months.
  • Can I watch my child while in class? Yes, each room has a one sided viewing window to watch your child’s progress in class.
  • How are levels based?  Our levels are based on BOTH age and ability.  Tiny Tots, PreDance, and KinderDance are for dancers 15 months – Kindergarten.  Our “Encore” classes are for 1st-5th graders.  Classes listed by level I, II, III, IV, & V are for 6th – 12th graders.
  • How many times does my child dance a week?  Each class meets once a week – except for Ballet III, IV, & V (those classes meet twice each week).
  • How can I make up classes?  Please ask your teacher or the front desk for an appropriate class to make-up your missed class.  Classes can be made up anytime before May 1st.  After this point, all classes will be focused on preparing for our annual recital.  To make up a class, please stop by the front desk on the day you want to make-up your class-they will give you a make-up class pass to bring to the teacher.
  • How long are sessions? We offer 3 sessions each calendar year.  Our full session is approximately 36 weeks, September-June.  Dancers enrolled in this session are eligible to participate in our annual recital.  Our Winter/Spring session is approximately 10-12 weeks and usually starts in January or February.  Dancer’s in this session are not eligible to participate in the recital but have an in-class parent viewing week during the final class.  Our Summer Session is approximately 6-8 weeks starting in June and ending in August.  Dancer’s in this session will have an in class parent viewing week during the final class.

    When and where is the annual recital?  The recital in usually the first or second Saturday in June.  Our Lockport Studio usually holds the recital at Lemont High School and the New Lenox studio holds the recital at Lincoln-Way West.

  • How many dances does my child perform at the recital?  Our Tiny Tots, PreDancers, and KinderDancers perform two dances at the recital (they will only need one costume though).  All 1st – 12th grade classes perform one dance for each class they are enrolled.