• Tiny Tumblers (approx 3-5 year olds)

No prior tumbling experience is required.  This class will focus on learning the fundamentals of tumbling.  It will involve static and dynamic stretching along with beginning principles of core control.  Tumblers will learn the proper technique and execution of handstands, forward and backward rolls and cartwheels.

  • Beginner Tumbling (approx 6-9 year olds)

This class will involve dynamic stretching and progress core strengthening.  Tumblers will learn the proper the technique and execution of round-offs, front walk overs, back walk overs, and the beginning techniques of standing back handsprings and round off handsprings.

  • Intermediate Tumbling (approx 10 & up)

This class will progress previous dynamic stretching and core strengthening exercises.  Tumblers will develop technique and execution of round-off back handsprings, back tucks, and aerial cartwheels.