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Dancing Debut (15 months – 5 years)

During every step of this program, dancer’s learn age appropriate skills and dance terminology to lay a strong foundation for their future.  We have carefully developed this program to ensure that each dancer takes home more than just steps; they take home confidence, musicality and the beauty of movement!  All dancers in our Dancing Debut program are able participate in our Summer Recital!

At the age of 6 dancers have the ability to consider 2 different programs to continue their dance training:  our Instructional Program (non-competitive) or our Intensive Program (competitive dance company).

Instructional Program: 

Our instructional program provides a wonderful balance for dancers looking to make dance a part of their lives!  In this program, we offer a wide variety of classes for beginner-advanced students.  Dancers will receive a quality dance education in a fun non-competitive environment!!!  Along with providing an excellent dance education, our teachers are focused on giving these dancers skills they can carry with them long after they leave the studio.  Confidence, self expression, time-management and risk taking are just a few of the many benefits that a quality dance education provides.  All dancers are able to participate in our Annual Summer Recital.

Encore Program (1st Grade – 5th Grade)

Finale Bow (6th Grade – 12th Grade, instructional)

Intensive Program:

Ignite Performance Company (2nd-12th Grade)

Dancers in Ignite Performance Company will have the opportunity to participate in various performances, to dance in the Summer Recital and compete in TWO regional dance competitions.  Past performances include the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Event in Orland Park.

Ignite Dance Company (1st-12 Grade)

Dancers in Ignite Dance Company will have the opportunity to participate in various performances, attend TWO Dance Conventions, compete in THREE Regional Dance Competitions, perform at Recital and compete at a National Dance Competition. Past performances include the half-time show for the Chicago Sky, the half-time show for Northwestern Basketball, Flashmobs and the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Events throughout the Chicago Area.